Chris White

for Warwick & Leamington











In the previous Parliament I held the role of Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group.

This group acted as a coalition of Parliamentarians and representatives from the industry, working to develop new industrial policy ideas, critique existing government decision-making around manufacturing, communicate within Parliament the importance of a well-balanced productive economy, and help the manufacturing community better engage with the policy process.













I was proud to be Co-Chair of this APPG due to the vital role the industry plays in our local area.

The APPG brought together MPs and Peers from all political parties who are interested in and supportive of the games industry, acting as the core network of games-friendly politicians. The group worked alongsige video games companies, including with its trade bodies TIGA and UKIE, to promote within Parliament the work and economic contribution of the industry.












I was appointed Chair of the APPG for Waterways in November 2015. 

The group considered matters relating to the system of navigable rivers and canals in the UK, estuaries and lakes upon which boating takes place, and associated activities.


















I was pleased to be appointed Co-Chair of the Charities and Volunteering APPG in February 2016.

It provided a forum for discussing the issues affecting the voluntary and community sector. NCVO is the secretariat for this group.